Detective Jason Hudson has learned the hard way that forever and always isn’t guaranteed to work out. No longer able or willing to believe in Happily Ever After, he’s focused his life on two things: raising his son and doing his job. So when a woman from his past sets up shop in the small town he calls home, his only interest in her is finding out just what scheme has brought her back to town—that and protecting his family from her wiles.

Additionally, a series of mysterious break-ins in the town’s industrial park have him perplexed, the lack of evidence pointing to a professional job that has his law-enforcement instincts on high alert and his frustration right alongside it.

Forced to leave Olman County when she was just a teenager, Desiree “Desi” Price had no choice but to lock away her memories of the boy she loved and the life that was torn away by circumstances beyond her control. Well aware that going back isn’t possible but seeking closure, she returns to Indiana with the hopes that she can finally move forward and put her emotional ghosts to rest once and for all. She’s dismayed to discover that the sweet, charming young man she left all those years ago has become a disillusioned, emotionally unavailable skeptic with major trust issues.

As the story of the past unfolds, Jason is forced to deal with years-old heartache as he discovers the truth about several long-held beliefs involving Desi, his family, and his life in general. Just as he’s starting to figure things out, a dangerous arrest threatens to put a permanent stop to his very existence, making the resolution and forgiveness he needs might be forever out of his reach.

Redemption is the eighth book in the Olman County series. It was previously published as Redemption in the Shadows by T.L. Haddix.