Previously published as In the Heart’s Shadow by T.L. Haddix.

Detective Stacy Kirchner had a less than ideal childhood. For the most part, she’s moved on and put that behind her, and she’s built a respectable if solitary life in Olman County. But following a near-catastrophic injury, she’s emotionally vulnerable. Lonely and needing answers to long-held questions, she opens herself up to a woman who wishes her nothing but ill—her mother. Instead of answers, she ends up opening a Pandora’s box.

Galen Gordon has had to come to terms with the blows he’s been dealt—the death of his wife, the loss of his career as an FBI agent—and he’s realizing that he has fallen in love again. Just when he’s ready to take the steps that will bring him closer to Stacy, her mother throws their lives into chaos. Now Gordon has a new realization to deal with—he may have waited too late to start again.

Can he and Stacy build a romance while battling the evil that has found them? The stakes couldn’t be any higher, and if they aren’t careful, they’ll find themselves paying with their very lives.

Malice Murder is the fifth book in the Olman County series. It was previously published as In the Heart’s Shadow by T.L. Haddix.