When Joely Hudson returns home to Indiana after living abroad, she’s reluctant to open her heart. After all, she’s been hurt in the past and badly. When she meets Garrett Gordon and his daughter Emma, she’s tempted to let down her guard. She holds back though—she doesn’t think someone like Garrett would ever be interested in someone like her, and she doesn’t want to get hurt trying to find out.

As if her insecurities weren’t bad enough, she’s picked up an obsessive, murderous stalker who’s determined to make her his own.

When Garrett moved to Indiana to take a job with the Olman County Sheriff’s Department, he never expected to stumble across someone like Joely. He knows he can’t have a casual fling with her, but he isn’t sure he’s ready for anything else. After all, it isn’t just his heart that could get broken if things don’t work out—his daughter’s could, as well. As much as he tries to keep his feelings for Joely casual, he’s drawn to her fast and hard, mind, body, and soul. Just as he comes to terms with his feelings, Joely’s stalker ups the ante by staking his claim in a vengeful way, and Garrett may end up losing her forever.

Watching is the seventh book in the Olman County series. It was previously published as Seduction in the Shadows by T.L. Haddix.