Carrie Greer never had reason to doubt she was wanted, not even after she lost her parents to a tragic accident as a young girl and had to move in with her Uncle Ron. Now, she’s a grown woman who works as a dispatcher for Olman County, a woman who’s looking forward to building a life of her own and finding out what the future holds. But after a trip to Florida, her uncle’s attitude toward her changes… and not for the better. While struggling to come to terms with the shift in their relationship and all the collateral damage his anger causes, another tragedy strikes—Ron is murdered. And the only person with an obvious reason to want him dead… is Carrie.

Former deputy Robbie Bailey has endured his own set of losses, but he’s finally able to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. Instead of attending classes, however, he ends up returning to Olman County and to Carrie, the girl he’s been in love with since he was a teenager. He finds himself in the difficult position of having to convince her of the depth of his feelings while protecting her from a vengeful killer bent on keeping long-buried secrets hidden—and he isn’t sure he can succeed at either task.

Proof of Deception is the sixth book in the Olman County series. It was previously published as Deception in the Shadows by T.L. Haddix.